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How big are Tent Campsites?

Tent Campsites are 20’ x 40’ and you can have 1 vehicle per site. Vehicles must be under 26′ in length. Vehicles over 25′ long require an RV Site.

Up to 10 people can camp per individual site. If your group is larger, we will add additional sites, as needed.

1-10 people = 1 car
11-20 people = 2 cars
21-30 people = 3 cars
40+ people = 4 cars

If you are in a smaller group, our team may ask you to utilize a smaller space. Either way, there’s no group too big or too small. Our Guest Services Team will take care of all your group’s Tent Campsite requests when you arrive at the festival (i.e. next to another group, shaded spot, etc.). 

Updated on August 26, 2022

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