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Are there lifeguards at the beach/lake?

Lifeguards are not staffed at the Atwood Lake Park beach. The health and safety of all our festival guests is a top priority for Alive and Atwood Lake Park. Atwood changed to being a swim at your own risk beach in 2018—similar to many other lakes and ocean beaches. This decision was made to increase safety at the beach by increasing the personal accountability of everyone who swims in the lake.

Check out our safety recommendations below for swimming at the beach:

  • We highly encourage the buddy system at all times in the water.
  • Please, do not let young children swim without supervision.
  • We highly encourage a parent or adult to be near their children in the water at all times. 
  • We highly encourage lifejackets for those who have trouble swimming.
  • Please pay attention to all safety signage surrounding the beach/lake.
  • EMTs, First Aid stations, on-site ambulance service, and 24-hour Park Rangers will be at the festival.
Updated on June 21, 2023

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