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Are my tickets valid if I purchased through a 3rd party?

For the protection of our ticket buyers and event participants, third party selling of tickets is not recommended for any Alive Music Festival event pages. There has been an increase in fraudulent and unlawful scams around concert ticket sales online. To ensure everyone has an official ticket to the event through proper channels, we recommend you purchase your tickets through the official Brushfire ticket page for Alive.

Any purchases through 3rd parties or 3rd party ticketing sites are not guaranteed by Alive Music Festival and limit your ability to receive up to date information for the event and any necessary assistance. If you do sell your ticket(s) to a friend/someone online, please email support@brushfire.com so Brushfire can transfer the ticket securely to the new email address and the ticket holder will receive updated festival info.

Note: This info includes all sales of tickets, campsites, RV sites, VIP experiences, and any other ticket options on the Alive Brushfire page.

Updated on June 19, 2023

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